Playing Billiards – New Release 8 Ball Pool


The developers of Miniclip have brought a new iphone app to the store: 8 Ball Pool

Fragger, gravity guy or iStunt are all from the developer’s workshop Miniclip. Now 8 Ball pool is added to the offer.

Billiard apps are available in the store. A successful implementation offers 8 ball pool. But we want to tell you that there is only one game mode so far.

In 8 Ball pool you always play alone and against time. You have to try to sink as many balls as possible. The queue is set with a finger wipe, pulling it backwards and letting go. For each sunken ball, time is credited, the white ball is sunk, time is deducted. As soon as there is only one ball on the table, new will be built.

The game itself is quite nice, but the one game mode is clearly too little. If there is a multiplayer mode or a career mode, then 8 Ball pool is a successful thing.

8 Ball pool costs 79 cents and from miniclip you are actually better accustomed. Maybe you should wait until you buy an update.

Download 8 Ball Pool for Android

A reference in the genre, 8 Ball Pool proves to be an excellent billiard game on smartphone. It may simply be accused of having too many paying options; But this does not impede the player’s course.

8 Ball Pool is a pool game developed by It is available online on the publisher’s website and on iOS and Android platforms.

Playable online or offline, the application combines different game modes: “1 against 1”, “Tournament”, “Mini-Games” (games of chance to get extra money or accessories), ” Play with Friends “and” Offline Training “. A wealth of opportunities to bet and participate in many parties. The objective is to demonstrate its capabilities in order to win the best international tournaments (from London to Tokyo) and to access the best accessories.

The graphics are fluid and rather well thought out: the trajectory of the ball is indicated, as well as the reverse of that pushed … Nothing to perfect on these points.

Among the accessories offered are: various billiard cues, chat pack (during games, it is possible to send small sentences, this option adds variations), tokens for minigames, 8 Ball Pool Hack tool to access the tournament. .. An In-App Purchase that thinks of all the possibilities!

During our test on Samsung S4, online tournaments have experienced a slow connection to settle. However, it was only temporary and not important.

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