The History of Sukhothai Kingdom Thailand

Sukhothai Kingdom Thailand is one of the destinations with the most beautiful attractions to see by the tourists. Besides the amazing remaining of the kingdom, there is a great history of the kingdom to learn. Find some of the great histories below before you see the ruins of the kingdom.

The Independent Thai Kingdom’s Rise and Fall

The Sukhothai Kingdom was established in 1238 after the fall of Khmer Empire previously that used the area as their western outpost. But the remnants of the Khmer Empire are still available to see nowadays, such as the Chaliang’s city walls and the clay ramparts in Si Satchanalai that has been erected since the ancient time before the era of Sukhothai Kingdom.

The Sukhothai Kingdom Establishment

The Sukhothai Kingdom was established in 1238 by Pho Khun Sri Indraditya who then became the first king of the kingdom after drove out the empire of Khmer. The greatest power of the kingdom was reached during the rule of King Ramkhamhaeng from 1278 to 1298. In his reign, the area of Sukhothai Kingdom was including Malaysia to the south, Laos to the north, and most of Thailand area in the present day.

The history of the kingdom is written on the stone stele found in the Sukhothai Historical Park’s Wat Mahathat Temple. The visitors still can see the stone today and it is also close to the National Monument of King Ramkhamhaeng that was built to honor the great king of Thailand.

The Union with the Ayutthaya Kingdom

At the 14th century’s end, the Sukhothai Kingdom’s power was going down and it was under the rule of Ayutthaya Kingdom. Both of the kingdoms were united in the 15th century. But when the Ayutthaya Kingdom feel down in 1767, the Sukhothai Kingdom was also isolated and forgotten.

Sukhothai Kingdom Rediscovery and Rebuilding

Sukhothai Kingdom was rediscovered by King Rama IV when he was still a Mongkut. When he found the kingdom ruins, it was covered by thick vegetation of the jungles. Then he found the Ramkhamhaeng stele that told about the history of the kingdom and then the stone is bought and stored in Bangkok National Museum. The Thai Fine Arts Department began to restore the Historical Park works in the 1960s and then in 1991, it was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The amazing remnants of Sukhothai Kingdom Thailand will be always interesting to see and learn about the great history. The tourists commonly get around the large area of the kingdom while cycling and enjoying the beautiful view. You also can plan it as one of your destinations when traveling to Thailand.

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