The Facts Behind Video Recommendations on YouTube

Wajib Tahu! Fakta Dibalik Rekomendasi Video di YouTube

Have you ever felt that the recommended video on the right side of the screen seemed to take you to the video content you need? For example, when you listen to music , then bring to a song with a similar genre but you have never heard before.

Or maybe while watching a sports video, then YouTube brings you to video content on a healthy diet . Take it easy guys, this time YouTube is using machine learning system or machine learning that will bring you to the relevant video recommendations. How can that be?

Here’s The Fact Behind the Relevance of Video Recommendations on YouTube


In fact, YouTube has used machine learning called Google Brain, which is an artificial intelligence division that began to be used since 2015. Google Brain uses unattended learning techniques , which alogaritmanya can find the relationship between different inputs that can never be guessed software engineer.

Google Brain also has the ability to generalize , for example when you watch a stand-up comedian video, YouTube will recommend a similar video, but then Google Brain will look for similar but not exactly, or more closely. This is what makes video recommendations on YouTube more relevant guys.

How is Google Brain Outcome on YouTube?


The result is more than 70% of YouTube watch time resulting from automatic recommendations. Even every day YouTube recommends 200 million videos on the homepage for billions of times in 76 languages. Not until there, the last 3 years when watching videos on the homepage was increased 20-fold .

Viewers love YouTube because of the videos in it so getting the preferred video becomes very important, because every minute there are more than 400 hours of uploaded video . YouTube also changed the algorithm that focus on watch time ( watch time ) compared to the number of view ( view ) in 2012.

YouTube Make Significant Changes


YouTube also made important changes in 2014 to 2015, including:

  • Shift to mobile : more people come to the internet and have access to YouTube, so currently more than 60% watch time comes from phones and tablets.
  • Home : The home page is not just a subscription video, but there are also recommendations videos that are personalized based on audience interest.

Changes were re-created by YouTube, by adding video content that can inspire and enjoy time on YouTube. Hopefully the content is memorable and the audience can share it with friends.

YouTube re-inserts “satisfaction” into the system (by using likes / dislikes and shares ). YouTube strives to provide fresh and current content. In the future YouTube will continue to give satisfaction to the audience to get a useful for his life.


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