Cheap Bali Tour Service: Affordable and Worth to Try

Cheap Bali tour service is something that has been demanded by both the locals and foreigner. This service does not have to waste lots of money just to enjoy the unbelievable scenery. Although the tour service is quite cheap, here are some places to visit which are recommended by the hire private driver Bali Five. These places really pay attention on the authenticity that the locals have been having its traditions for more than decades.

Cheap Bali Tour Service: Affordable and Worth to Try - Bali Driver
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Places to Visit Recommended by Bali Driver Five

In Bali, the tourists can enjoy the local cultural diversity without the urge of spending too much. By finding the right private car hire with driver Bali, you can get cheap Bali tour service includes Goa Lawah Temple, Tenganan Village, Tirta Gangga, Ujung Water Palace, Candidasa beach, and many more. These names are not common compared to Kuta beach and Legian street since these two places have turned to be modern.

Goa Lawah Temple is a kind of temple of the Balinese Hindu where there are thousands of bats inside. It is actually the biggest temple in Bali that is located in the main road started from Denpasar area to East Bali island. The destination of cheap Bali tour service goes to Tenganan Village. Tenganan Village is a name of village in a countryside whose culture is still unique and traditional. If you want to seek something traditional, this village should be on your visit list. This village has the tradition of producing the weave cloth.

Tirta Gangga is another part of Bali that is heavenly beautiful. It has the water fountain that is surrounded its island. It is highly believed that this garden was built by the Karangasem King as the place for relaxing. These places are away from the modernity but its cultural vibe is still strong. If you are interested to visit these kinds of places, you can choose this cheap Bali tour service by the help of Bali Driver Five.

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