Covered Straddle Strategy Statement

The Covered Straddle Strategy is now a relatively simple trading strategy that allows the investor to benefit from any market move – whether it is positive or negative. content can In the case of binary options, the investor gains a straddle as soon as he also places a purchase and sale option on the same value, thereby benefiting from a market movement in every direction.

The covered straddle strategy is therefore a special form of risk protection. Since the investor is basically based on two different price developments, his profit is reduced in the worst case by the amount he has set for the wrong price development. However, this strategy is estimated because, on the one hand, revenue is limited, but revenue is guaranteed on the other hand as long as the values fluctuate.

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  • How the Covered Straddle Strategy Works
  • How the Covered Straddle Strategy Works
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How the Covered Straddle Strategy Arose

The Covered Straddle Strategy was originally developed as a complex trade strategy for the trading of warrants in the 1970s. Investors who invest according to the Covered Straddle strategy IQ Option will insist that the profit they can derive from an option significantly exceeds the loss of the second option.

The covered straddle strategy can only be used if values are to be traded whose underlying values fluctuate strongly – no matter which direction. Crucial for the success of the Covered Straddle Strategy is the fact that the corresponding value in the short term has a low volatility. Whether the strategy actually comes out depends, however, on some factors:

  • Both warrants currently have to make a note of the money. In the call, the basic price must be just above the underlying price, while Put just below it. These two options have a high lever. This decreases as soon as the Copy Trading option continues to fall out of the money. If, on the other hand, the price develops in the corresponding direction, the leverage effect of this option increases while the other decreases. This means that winning an option is much higher than the loss from the other.
  • The price of the underlying must move in the direction of profit or loss. Otherwise, the straddle Social Trading loses as a whole because both options are subject to the time value decay.
  • Both the put option and the call etoro option should have a longer runtime because the time value decline at the end of the term is

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The Covered Straddle Strategy is particularly worthwhile for values in which a stronger and longer-lasting trend can be expected in a certain time window. plus500 For this strategy, Forex values that move in certain swings over several months, or equities, are particularly suitable for this strategy. This strategy, on the other hand, is less suitable for commodity trading. The reason: the fluctuations in commodity values, especially short-term fluctuations, are too great for the Covered Straggle strategy to be worthwhile.