The Facts Behind Video Recommendations on YouTube

Wajib Tahu! Fakta Dibalik Rekomendasi Video di YouTube

Have you ever felt that the recommended video on the right side of the screen seemed to take you to the video content you need? For example, when you listen to music , then bring to a song with a similar genre but you have never heard before.

Or maybe while watching a sports video, then YouTube brings you to video content on a healthy diet . Take it easy guys, this time YouTube is using machine learning system or machine learning that will bring you to the relevant video recommendations. How can that be?

Here’s The Fact Behind the Relevance of Video Recommendations on YouTube


In fact, YouTube has used machine learning called Google Brain, which is an artificial intelligence division that began to be used since 2015. Google Brain uses unattended learning techniques , which alogaritmanya can find the relationship between different inputs that can never be guessed software engineer.

Google Brain also has the ability to generalize , for example when you watch a stand-up comedian video, YouTube will recommend a similar video, but then Google Brain will look for similar but not exactly, or more closely. This is what makes video recommendations on YouTube more relevant guys.

How is Google Brain Outcome on YouTube?


The result is more than 70% of YouTube watch time resulting from automatic recommendations. Even every day YouTube recommends 200 million videos on the homepage for billions of times in 76 languages. Not until there, the last 3 years when watching videos on the homepage was increased 20-fold .

Viewers love YouTube because of the videos in it so getting the preferred video becomes very important, because every minute there are more than 400 hours of uploaded video . YouTube also changed the algorithm that focus on watch time ( watch time ) compared to the number of view ( view ) in 2012.

YouTube Make Significant Changes


YouTube also made important changes in 2014 to 2015, including:

  • Shift to mobile : more people come to the internet and have access to YouTube, so currently more than 60% watch time comes from phones and tablets.
  • Home : The home page is not just a subscription video, but there are also recommendations videos that are personalized based on audience interest.

Changes were re-created by YouTube, by adding video content that can inspire and enjoy time on YouTube. Hopefully the content is memorable and the audience can share it with friends.

YouTube re-inserts “satisfaction” into the system (by using likes / dislikes and shares ). YouTube strives to provide fresh and current content. In the future YouTube will continue to give satisfaction to the audience to get a useful for his life.

How to Fix Corrupted Video File on Android

One of the most important file types to store our precious moment, that is video. It can capture our precious moments with interest, because it offers moving images.

But due to unexpected events, the video files we have may be damaged. So you do not lose your video, let’s see how to fix the damaged video file on Android below …

How to Fix Corrupted Video File on Android

how-fix-the-video-the-corrupted-1 file

How to repair damaged video files on android, quite easy. But unfortunately has a weakness, which is limited to MP4 format only. But no problem anyway, anyway the current video format is MP4. How to do it, here’s more …

Steps How to Fix Corrupted Video File on Android

Step 1

Download the first application called “MP4Fix Video Repair Tool”.

Step 2

Open the app you just downloaded and install. Select your damaged video file and select “Repair” .

how-fix-the-video-the-dam -3

Step 3

Wait for the video repair process, the duration depends on the duration of the video you are fixing. Can be 15 minutes to 1 hour. If the video repair process is complete, select “Save” . Done, your damaged video has been fixed.


The final word

With this simple way, now there is no longer a broken video term. Due to how to fix damaged video files on this android Jaka sure can be done by everyone. Good luck!

How to Decorate a Small Room

Is your bedroom making you really feel claustrophobic but you do not have the cash for a residence enhancement? Well, with a little paint, rearranging of furniture as well as a couple of pointers, you could mislead the eyes into assuming that the room is bigger compared to it actually is.

Furnishings & Mess

Get rid of unnecessary pieces of furniture and mess. Furniture that serve many functions is a wonderful way to conserve space and lessen clutter. Storage space containers are an excellent alternative to tiny furniture pieces. The containers can be bought with or without wheels and also kept hidden under the bed or in the wardrobe. The suggestion is to keep the required big pieces of furnishings in the space as well as remove the smaller sized ones. For instance, one large dresser rather than two smaller cabinets. We just make this article based on

Not just will huge items of furnishings look more trendy, but they could in fact include a sensation of visibility to the room. Smaller items will certainly simply make the room really feel much more confined. Nevertheless, if your queen dimension bed is occupying too much room in the room, after that maybe it is time to change to a full dimension bed. If you are unwilling to surrender on your queen size bed then it is a smart idea to reduce on other pieces too and turn your bed right into the primary focal point in the space. The more open flooring area you have, the larger the space will certainly show up. Remember to position furnishings at an angle. When you put your furnishings at an angle, it leads the eye along the longer range, as opposed to the much shorter wall surface.

How to Decorate a Small Room

Wall Surfaces

Adhere to pale colors when it comes to the walls. Light environment-friendlies as well as blues are constantly best selection. Not just do these 2 colors have a calming impact, however light likewise mirrors to fade shades, making the area really feel more large. Dark shades, nevertheless, will make a space seem more enclosed, which we certainly do not intend to occur. Painting the ceiling a color lighter or totally white will certainly produce the illusion of a higher ceiling. One more great technique is painting the wall surface trims and moldings in a lighter shade compared to the walls. This will make the wall surface appear further back.


Lights is a should when it comes to a small space. The best quantity of light will open up the room and create an impression of room. All-natural light is the most effective and affordable illumination there is. Beginning by removing heavy drapes and also changing them with light and flowy home window therapies. If way too much natural light is a problem for sleep, use small blinds to shut out the light while you capture some Zs. In the early morning you can merely roll up the mini blinds and also let the all-natural light flow right it. Boodle drapes are also a wonderful selection when it concerns window treatments for little spaces. They are extremely stylish, economical as well as look great with mini blinds.


Mirrors are not just stylish but they could likewise assist show light and give the impression of depth to a wall. Placement mirrors in front of a light source, such as open doors and windows. Storage room mirrored doors are a terrific selection.

Bed linen

Steer clear of from dark shades and also stick with a light-colored duvet cover, however see to it to maintain it basic. When working with awesome shades like eco-friendlies and blues, choose a flower print for an extra naturish feel. Yet do not over do it with the floral. An easy bed linen set with a couple of large floral prints on a light backdrop will certainly do. Keep away from the spread looked.

How To Succeed In College: What You Need To Know

Ielts Test Preparation – Few things in life are as rewarding and overwhelming as planning for and attending college. It can be hard to leave behind friends and family for a new life you are not yet familiar with. You will find this article to be of great help if you’re worried about college. Learn some tricks and tips to ensure that college is rewarding.

Study diligently. When you work as hard as possible, you’ll reap great rewards. Consider college as important as you would any job, but don’t overlook the social aspects. Excelling in college will have a dramatic, positive impact on your future.

Every time you purchase something with cash, put your spare change into a jar and try not to touch it. Once the jar has filled up, count out the money and use it toward something you need, like books or living expenses. While it may be easier to use a coin-counting machine, try and refrain. You will wind up giving them too much of your hard-earned cash.

If you are looking to go back to college, but it has been a while since you were in school, consider attending evening classes. The instructors usually actively work in their fields during the daytime, and teach at night. This helps to bring a different element of real-life experience to the classroom.

Don’t take more than one writing course per term. Even though you may only have to complete 3 essays for the course, there is often a lot of required reading. You want to have enough time to complete the readings for every class, which will be difficult with more than 1 writing course.

Choose electives from across the board. If you learn as much as you can, you might be able to find out that you have a new interest. Freshman year of college is the perfect time to try new things and gain new experiences.

When you are in college, get virus protection on your laptop, as this is one of the most important tools that you will have during your stay. The last thing that you will want to have happened is to lose important information that you will need on the day of the test from a virus.

If you need to save money on food, turn your eye to breakfast. There are plenty of options that you can make that are quick, will fill you up and that don”™t cost a lot. For example, oatmeal is a great choice. If you are able to save on breakfast and lunch, you may be able to treat yourself to a meal out with friends every now and then.

Meet people at the orientation social events. If you’re new to the area, this is a great way to make more friends. The sooner you begin to get to know people, the sooner you’ll start to feel like you fit in.

As it was stated earlier, college can be overwhelming. Yet, when you apply the advice here to your life, you will see how enjoyable college can be. Your college career should make for good memories.

2002 Honda Civic Alternator Wiring Diagram Description

2002 Honda Civic Alternator Wiring Diagram Description

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