This Price List of iPhone 7 from Smartfren and its Packages

Starting today, Friday (24/3/2017), Apple fanboy in the country can already make an initial order aka pre-order duo iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Monitoring KompasTekno, telecommunication operator Smartfren is the first mengumbar price list of both flagship through its official website at dawn at 00.00 WIB.

Normal price of the most standard iPhone 7 with 32 GB memory capacity priced at Rp 12 million, while the most expensive is the iPhone 7 Plus with a 256 GB memory capacity of $1,2k. Smartfren itself offers bundling package titled “iPlan 350” and “iPlan 450”.

For the package iPlan 350, the normal price discounted $250, while for iPlan 485 package discount of $350.iphone 7 price 2017

Requirement, buyer must subscribe telecommunication package from Smartfren worth $27 (iPlan 350) and $35 (iPlan 450) per month within one year. IPlan subscriptions are paid in advance.

For example, if the user wants to buy the iPhone 7 32 GB with bundling iPlan 350 package, then the normal price of $900 is cut $390 to $600, then added $260 (iPlan 350 pack for a year) to $1k.

Smartfren bundling price is more expensive, but the advantage is that users no longer need to buy a monthly telecommunications package.

Illustration, if buy at a normal price of $900 without bundling, the user would have to keep buying a monthly telecommunications package. For example, for the purchase of 32 GB type plus with iPlan 350 separately for a year, the total user spending to $1,1k. With Smartfren package, users only pay $1k only. also read about iphone price another: iphone price 2017

For details, here’s an illustration of the normal price and bundling price of Smartfren with the iPlan 350 and iPlan 485 packages for a year.

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