NBA Live Mobile Cards in Various Types

Various types of NBA live Mobile Cards:

Rarity       : card scarcity is divided into 4; Elite, Gold, Silver, Bronze, a player can have multiple card rarity

Position   : player position is divided into 5; PG, SG, SF, PF, C, a player can have several different positions

Line-up    : divided into 5; Big Man, Small Ball, Two-ways, Shooting, Defensive. Standard cards for active players generally have these 5 versions.

Rating      : total player skill value, a player can have 2 different card ratings even if the rarity and card type are the same


Type of NBA live Mobile Cards

Base Set                    = the most common card encountered, divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite

Award Winner        = logo trophy

Big Moments           = white bolabasket logo

International           = dribble people logo run

Motivators               = Musical Exhibition Logos

NBA Supremacy     = logo ball into the ring

Legends                     = star + rice logo

Impact player          = meteor basketball logo

Season Veterans   = star logo

The Finals                  = logo the finals

Signature Series     = logo NBA EA Sports hologram + Signature

Trophy Juggernaut          = red Elite Trophy logo

Rookie Legends      = EA sport + rice logo

Master                       = UP logo

Spotlight                    = basketball logo with stage light

Throwback               = HBA NB logo

Playoffs                     = white box logo with playoff posts

Off-Season Mover          = left-right arrow logo, special card: Off-Season Master Durant

Global                         = blue basketball logo for series 1, orange color for series 2. Special Card (master & reward): colorful basketball logo

Campus Heroes      = Student’s hat logo

Countdown              = Logo hourglass

Title Holder              = Logo trophy in the box

Ball-O-Ween            = Logo pumpkin orange


There is still one more type, the pre-launching card aka Soft Launch Card from NBA live Mobile Hack, does not have any special logo, just a basic card set but this card has been withdrawn from the database so it cannot be obtained anymore. Soft launch cards are outstanding when these games have not been released globally, sometimes they have different OVR ratings and different line ups. For examples are of Curry ovr92, Curry Bigman, Lebron SF Bigman, Tyreke Evans ovr81, etc. Because of that, some soft launch cards with rare line ups, are highly hunted and have a high score.

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