Top 5 Free Android Camera Apps For Selfie Lovers and Easy To Use

The global craze began selfie and regular growing quantity of selfie fans so every cell telephone businesses, have begun to rise attributes a camera. We must tell you about top 5 free camera app which will help you produce your own selfie more attractive.

Top 5 Free Android Camera Apps For Selfie Lovers and Aasy To Use


Pixlr-o-matic is a greatest free program for selfie lovers and you can produce more attractive photo using this app. This app is easy to use. With the support of this program you’re able to editing your colour corrections and also you can edit your photos and provide a diffrent look very readily.

This app is rated 4.5 out of 5, and also the users can download it with the toll is more than 1 million. 6.5 MB to use this program to Android cellphone operating system needs to be more than 2.3.


If you’re bored with the exact same kind selfie your photographs with the help of this program to add some cartoon effects can make it amusing. This is super cool program will convert your selfie in animation character. The best thing that you can save your pictures in GIF format.

39MB selfie this program so far lovers have downloaded more than 1 million. To use it into your phone’s Android operating system has to be more than 4.0.


This app is used if you would like to draw a picture of the two together with front and back camera. So the next time you arrive at the arena to watch the match to use this program. The viewer sitting behind you as well as your expression will be able to capture a photo together.
More than 50 thousand people have downloaded.

B612 – Selfie in the heart

B612 is perfect for carrying selfies anytime, anyplace. The funny thing is that this app has attracted a women. Designed as the ultimate selfie app, B612 is filled with fun and fresh qualities you won’t find anywhere else. This program is simple to use and Fascinating.

PIP Camera – Photo Effect

This app is for those who like to experiment humorous with selfie. This app will provide you different looks. With this app you can change your photographs in addition to a variety of colour correction may add stickers also.

If you want a unique camera and sensations can be transparent, please try Nomao Apps

This Price List of iPhone 7 from Smartfren and its Packages

Starting today, Friday (24/3/2017), Apple fanboy in the country can already make an initial order aka pre-order duo iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Monitoring KompasTekno, telecommunication operator Smartfren is the first mengumbar price list of both flagship through its official website at dawn at 00.00 WIB.

Normal price of the most standard iPhone 7 with 32 GB memory capacity priced at Rp 12 million, while the most expensive is the iPhone 7 Plus with a 256 GB memory capacity of $1,2k. Smartfren itself offers bundling package titled “iPlan 350” and “iPlan 450”.

For the package iPlan 350, the normal price discounted $250, while for iPlan 485 package discount of $350.iphone 7 price 2017

Requirement, buyer must subscribe telecommunication package from Smartfren worth $27 (iPlan 350) and $35 (iPlan 450) per month within one year. IPlan subscriptions are paid in advance.

For example, if the user wants to buy the iPhone 7 32 GB with bundling iPlan 350 package, then the normal price of $900 is cut $390 to $600, then added $260 (iPlan 350 pack for a year) to $1k.

Smartfren bundling price is more expensive, but the advantage is that users no longer need to buy a monthly telecommunications package.

Illustration, if buy at a normal price of $900 without bundling, the user would have to keep buying a monthly telecommunications package. For example, for the purchase of 32 GB type plus with iPlan 350 separately for a year, the total user spending to $1,1k. With Smartfren package, users only pay $1k only. also read about iphone price another: iphone price 2017

For details, here’s an illustration of the normal price and bundling price of Smartfren with the iPlan 350 and iPlan 485 packages for a year.