How to Fix Corrupted Video File on Android

One of the most important file types to store our precious moment, that is video. It can capture our precious moments with interest, because it offers moving images.

But due to unexpected events, the video files we have may be damaged. So you do not lose your video, let’s see how to fix the damaged video file on Android below …

How to Fix Corrupted Video File on Android

how-fix-the-video-the-corrupted-1 file

How to repair damaged video files on android, quite easy. But unfortunately has a weakness, which is limited to MP4 format only. But no problem anyway, anyway the current video format is MP4. How to do it, here’s more …

Steps How to Fix Corrupted Video File on Android

Step 1

Download the first application called “MP4Fix Video Repair Tool”.

Step 2

Open the app you just downloaded and install. Select your damaged video file and select “Repair” .

how-fix-the-video-the-dam -3

Step 3

Wait for the video repair process, the duration depends on the duration of the video you are fixing. Can be 15 minutes to 1 hour. If the video repair process is complete, select “Save” . Done, your damaged video has been fixed.


The final word

With this simple way, now there is no longer a broken video term. Due to how to fix damaged video files on this android Jaka sure can be done by everyone. Good luck!

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