DMIT Test: How Fingerprint Can Identify Someone’s Ability


Almost every people ever overcome the hardness to find their ‘true self’. A child often asking himself what are their ability and skills. When they have tried to do something in sports, they thing that the activity doesn’t match themselves. Then when they tried something, this thinking come cross again. Scientist has observed this typical of problem which mostly happen to children in the age of 11 until even 21 years old. A test is created to identify the children’s skill brought from their baby life. It is namely DMIT Test which used the fingerprint as the main object to identify someone’s ability.

The main program is that this DMIT Test will scan someone’s fingertip and get the print of their fingerprints. The lines on the fingerprints then will be interpreted based on the program. Certain curve or line can determine big difference in making the conclusion on what children’s skill is. The researcher then will explain to the parents about the children skills. The skills is actually have been brought since in the early baby life. This children’s skill can be brought from his parent, but can also be taken from their ancestor like grandparents. It is very possible to be happened since the genetic plays important role. In some results, children can even have different skill from their family, but is brought from the activity that the mother was enjoyed during pregnancy time.

This DMIT Test is really recommended to be taken since the early age of a child. It is because the parent will knows the result of their children’s skill and then lead them to the best activity to pursue the career in this field for children’s future life. Then, this test can also avoid from the parents force on children to do something which parents like, but doesn’t favor the children. Overall, there are many benefits of getting this test done for the children and parents too.

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