Advantages Disadvantages Toyota Camry Gen 2 Premium Sedan Car

This car is a type of premium sedan that is not foreign to the people of Indonesia. Carmy uses the XV40 chassis code that was presented in 2006. Sales are also globally, but using different models between Asian, American and Japanese markets.

As for the Indonesian market using the same model with the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, while for assembly is done in Thailand. For the local market, the Honda Accord is a competitor of Carmy since the first generation was introduced, for the trim level presented 2.4 G and V which uses the same machine and there are additional types of Q with 3.5-liter V6 engine.2017 toyota camry hybrid price

Performance and Performance of Toyota Camry Gen 2 Engine

Toyota carmy gen 2 uses 2 types of engines, namely for type V and G which uses 2.4 liter capacity engine using 2AZ-FE code that can generate maximum power of 167 Hp / 6000 Rpm and the resulting torque reaches 224 Nm / 4000 Rpm. While for other engines that is for type Q with a capacity of 3.5 liter V6 using 2GR-FE code that can generate maximum power of 227Hp / 6200 Rpm and the resulting torque reaches 346Nm / 4700 Rpm.

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Price Toyota Camry Gen 2

Toyota Camry 2.4 L in 2006 the former price around $11k.
Toyota Camry 3.5 L in 2006 the former price around $15k.

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